#Hashtag with Facebook

As most of you know hashtags are keywords used since years with Twitter, preceded by a pound sign. A very useful system to catalyze discussions and facilitate our research. Obviously this tool for the identification of themes offer great possibilities for the field of Marketing, now also available on Facebook.

The first use we can think of is a monitoring of the discussions that affect your industry and then have the opportunity to coninvolgere directly involved. The hashtag are nothing more than direct links to a search of the posts containing the tag then sought in addition to including this new tool you might think to aggregate a link relating to a specific product.

Of course, the road is still long for Facebook, regarding this new feature, in fact the possibilities are still very limited compared to the already existing reality with other social networks. To be taken into account is definitely that this facility is open to all so do not be ruled out an excessive abuse of everything, that would force Mark Zuckerberg to back down.

Indeed, the first reaction of Facebook users was: #so# now #also #on #facebook #write #all #this #in #an #annoying #way?

So for the moment let’s stay with our feet on the ground and expect positive developments.

Stay tuned