WebHat Newsletter: Ch. 2 – List analisys


In this chapter I illustrate two very useful functions that you have available with the platform WebHat Newsletter:

1 – Control syntactic validity of the addresses:

Selecting this option automatically runs a syntax check of all addresses in the user list.

It often happens that an error in typing an address is written incorrectly, the same thing can happen even when conversion is performed in a CSV file or to import them.

Now thanks to this feature you can notice and correct these errors before forwarding. In This optimizes the mail, you avoid unnecessary delays and you are sure that our shipment is made ​​to the correct address.

2 – Checking the existence of e-mail

This second function is even more interesting. Selecting it we will see not only that the addresses are written correctly, but also that they are actually associated with a mailbox exists. So we’re going to eliminate any off boxes or reported incorrectly.

Sure of the validity of addresses included at this point we proceed with the composition of our newsletter!