WebHat Newsletter: add fields on the fly

In this mini-guide will show you how to add new fields to lists and import your data into.
All this is possible thanks to the new interface of WebHat Newsletter, in fact you won’t need anything else than that. In this guide we will use as an example the scenario of having to add nationality to our contacts. So the first thing we surely have a list of users in Ecxel / CSV where we add a new column containing the nationality. Now  let’s see also how to update the list in WebHat.
In the second phase of the Step-by-Step Guide, select the list you want in the drop down menu and click on ‘Add field’. In the new window we just type the name of the field under ‘Label’ and save it.

Created the field list is ready to be populated, now click on ‘Import’, select our file Excel / CSV

and arrive at the stage of ‘Columns association’  we just associate the columns of DataDyn with the columns in the file, then also remember to associate the new field created.

Now we just click on ‘Next’ and finish the import of the new contacts.

Stay tuned!!!