WebHat Newsletter: a target for crackers

Although the title seems to suggest something catastrophic, I assure you that nothing bad is going to happen. We only got our newsletter app for Iphone cracked!

If you are not keen on Apple world and particularly on iOS and IDevices world you are probably not aware that Apple products are often cracked by expert hackers. This process is called “Jailbreack” and it allows bypassing limits set by producers and basically running unofficial Apps.

In recent days while I was updating my Ipad I decided to use the release procedure to know whether I could do more with my iDevice. With great surprise I found among other apps our application! It is unbelievable but it seems that crackers from somewhere in the world have downloaded and cracked our app to make it available for free on some “unofficial” repository.

So here it is our e-mail marketing platform set for a free download. But the crazy thing is that our app is useless without a WebHat Newsletter license!

So, what is in it? What benefit do they get from it? They are just making us a big favor providing us with free advertising and nothing else!