Tips to keep emails out of the spam

In a previous article we talked on how to write a good newsletter, respecting some basic rules to keep your email out of the spam.
Today we review some aspects of anti-spam software and how they interpret many factors of an email.

WebHat Newsletter integrates a control system based on SpamAssassin’s algorithms, one of the most used software for filtering emails in the world.
SpamAssassin indicates that your newsletter will be considered legitimate on many servers, but it is not a guarantee, however, that different filters will give the same result.
Google and Aruba, for example, do not use this tool on their server.

Therefore it’s useful to follow a few simple rules when you create a newsletter.

Spam trigger words to avoid
Many words and phrases have a higher probability of occurring in a spam message than in a legitimate email.
The spam filters check for spam triggering words in the subject and content of th email, so here is a list of Spam Words That You Should Never Use:
– Impersonal forms: writing ‘Dear customer’, ‘Gracious interlocutor’ or ‘Dear sir/madam’ is the easiest way to be recognized as spam (these are also typical forms of phishing attempts)
– free, gift, occasion, bargain, lowest price, hello, friend, aware, guaranteed, credit, amazed, click here, investment, rate, cash, money, mortgage, viagra, sex
– Act now!
– Medical terms (especially drug names and their disguised forms)
– Anything related to pornography, games and gaining online
– Expressions as “Try it”, “Visit our website”, “Trial”
– Words as: attention, warning
– Special characters such as: &, $, /, #
– Too much punctuation (!!!)

Pay close attention to the subject of your email, do not leave it blank, do not write it all in capital letters and avoid spammy words and phrases.

The text of your email must always be coherent and fluent, grammatically correct and without typo errors of auto-translated email messages.
Do not use special formatting, text spaced or all capital letters, exclamation points or repeated characters.
Don’t just send a giant graphic. Your email needs a balance of graphics and text.

Do not attach files, use if possible links to files hosted on a web server.

It’s best not using something anonymous, like a free email account. For best results setup a real email address with your company domain name.

Email Lists
You shouldn’t buy email lists: if you purchase a list, you have no way of confirming how often those email addresses have been emailed, whether the email addresses on that list have been scrubbed for hard bounces to prevent identifying you as a spammer, or from where those email addresses originated.