The unsubscribe link is good and important for our email marketing

The unsubscribe link is good and important for our email marketing.

When we plan an email marketing campaign we have to remember that users will be encouraged to open and read our newsletter if they find it useful and near to their own interests.

What are the best marketing practices to make our mail effective and timely for the recipients?

A good rule that is often forgotten is to insert an unsubscribe link at the bottom of our mail, without the fear that it may be counterproductive for our business.
By paying attention to the impact on lists and deliveries we will see how the presence of this link has a positive effect on our business email campaign.

A user that decides to stop receiving our messages is telling us that it is not interested in our communications and actively contributes to making our list clean and reliable. To reduce the rate of cancellations we have to work better, with more attention to the segmentation of the recipients and on the quality of the message – which should be customized and appropriate.

Google and the big providers are evolving their spam filters, improving segmentation will also enhance our reputation with  the provider and we will have a better chance that our future mail will be considered positively.
The presence of the unsubscribe link protect us from the risk that our newsletters are identified as spam and we will have less delivery problem.

In absence of an unsubscribe link the recipients who no longer wish to receive our emails may also voluntarily report them as spam, causing a collapse of our reputation and the inability to get good performance.

Finally, a useful trick, is to use different sendig account depending on the communication.
In this way we can differentiate the lists of massive communication from transactional emails and ensure delivery of important messages to all our users.