The newsletter and the font choice

Choosing the right font for your newsletter is essential to ensure good readability of your communication.
There are lots of fonts but the basic division to keep in mind is between serif fonts (with small decorative pieces on the ends of each character) and sans-serif fonts (without decorative pieces).


For the web viewing of a text area is recommended to use sans-serif fonts (for example Arial, Calibri, Verdana). While to show a pay-off or a short phrase in large font you can use a serif font (eg Times New Roman, Garamond).

So make a good choice to capture the attention of your target!
It seems like a small thing, but the choice of an unclear font is a sign of lack of attention!

It’s always advisable to perform a test before sending the newsletter to ensure that all mail clients see the contents properly.
WebHat Newsletter has the “Client Preview”  that, with a simple click, previews your newsletter in a considerable number of e-mail client for desktop, mobile and webmail.

Try out all the tools that WebHat Newsletter has, ask for a demo!

Stay tuned!