Target segmentation and list quality

Once the strategy for the generation of leads is triggered, a method for managing the contacts collected is needed.

Here are three simple tips for a successful marketing campaign!

Select your target.
Gone are the days in which a scattershot campaign was enough to get good results.
In contrast, the secret to a successful campaign lies in the ability to select your target.

Profile the users in your lists.
Subdivide users based on how you came to know them (e.g., fairs, direct contact, etc.), type of relationship (e.g., prospects, customers or partners), or based on the product of interest to them.
In this way you can send more effective communications.ù

Know your users.
Collect as much information as possible about your users and use it to send targeted Newsletters.
It is only by customizing the message according to the actual needs of the user that it is possible to attract his/her attention.