Powered by WebHat Newsletter

Powered_by_WebHat_NewsletterWhy in the bottom of the newsletter that you send is added the words “Powered by WebHat Newsletter”? Is it possible remove it?

WebHat Newsletter is the e-mail marketing service, with unlimited sendings and unlimited bandwidth , which allows you to quickly and easily manage your campaigns.

By default the newsletters sent using WebHat Newsletter have the trade mark appended at the bottom to the message.

The brand is added at the bottom of the messages sent by demostration licenses (used by partners) and by commercial licenses (used by customers). The brand can be removed on payment of a small annual fee.

I am a partner, can I ask for removal?
Of course, please contact our sales managers by sending an e-mail request at marketing@webhatnewsletter.com. You will be informed of the costs and will start the practice.

I am a final customer that uses WebHat Newsletter, can I ask for removal?
Also in this case the brand “Powered by WebHat Newsletter” can be removed. Contact the referral partners from whom you purchased your license and ask for a quote on the service.

Aren’t you yet a user of WebHat Newsletter but would you like to try out the service? Try it now free for 30 days by requesting a demo at the following web address: http://webhatnewsletter.com/english/software-newsletter-30-days-trial

What are you waiting for? ;)