Newsletter: unlimited sending!

How many times did you receive proposals for e-mail marketing software, apparently attractive, to discover later the limits that are hidden behind the contract?

WebHat Newsletter is the only platform that give you the free  to communicate:

  • Lists: unlimited
  • Sendings: unlimited
  • Recipients:  unlimited
  • Traffic Consumptions: unlimited

With WebHat Newsletter you can manage with freedom your e-mail marketing campaigns.

There are many factors that influence the performance of a campaign:

  • Subject of the Newsletter
  • Immediacy of communication
  • Efficacy of the layout
  • Level of attractiveness of the offer or of the message
  • The authority of the brand
  • Quality of the sending lists
  • Etc.

One of newsletter softwarethe factors which most influences the level of attention given to the message by the recipient, is the choose of time or day of sending.

Some studies confirm that it is not advisable to plan a campaign for the weekend: Saturday and Sunday are the days on which e-mails are read less. Monday and Friday are to be avoided because the focus is on work activities.

The best days are the ones from Tuesday to Thursday, but preferably early in the morning (when the job is not yet fully operational) or late afternoon (when the conclusion of the work allows a more careful reading).

Choose the right time in which to send a newsletter is a delicate activity, so WebHat Newsletter gives maximum freedom to the user allowing the immediate sending of e-mail without waiting times or queues sending!

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