LinkedIn celebrates 10 years

Happy Birthday LinkedIn! The biggest social network in the professional celebrates 10 years, who in the course of these years has been a fantastic tool to develop a new network of contacts both in the search for new job opportunities. In 2013 well exceeded 200 million users and continues to grow every day.

LinkedIn unlike the rest of his ‘colleagues’ such as Facebook or Twitter, has been created for the sole purpose of connecting professionals to make them more productive and successful. Despite being older than the competition is evident that did not have the same immediate success, but promises more every day. The highest percentage of members reside in the United States (over 75 million), followed by India (20 million) and Brazil (12 million).

To celebrate its first decade, LinkedIn has published a series of images showing their evolution, moving from a relatively static structure of the first years to get to what it has become today.

To remind you how you can make the most of WebHat Newsletter to integrate with LinkedIn, we refer to this guide: WebHat Newsletter and Linkedin

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