Linkedin celebrates 10 years and thanked its users!

It’s from the largest that we must grasp the ideas and learn! And Linkedin – maybe not for the age because yesterday just turned 10 years old, but certainly for the size of their community – is a good example from which to learn.

To celebrate the milestone Linkedin sent yesterday a newsletter of thanks to all members, which lends itself to a thorough analysis from which to extrapolate some best practies.

Linkedin celebrates 10 years and thanked its users!

1)      Subject sewing ad hoc recipient
Thank you Mario! We have achieved this goal thanks to you and your 565 connections
As you can see, the reader was called into action with his own name and with a style of communication that aims to make him share. This type of technique from one hand stimulates the opening of the newsletter and on the other hand decreases the distance between user and company.

2)      Informal language
“You and your extraordinary network of 565 connections … are the heart and soul”
The use of informal and participatory language  – given from the continued use of elements such as you, your, you’re, etc.. – Creates a direct relationship with the user that you almost feel part of the company.

3)      High customization
The newsletter sent by Linkedin uses more times within the body of the message, personalized contents on user: the name (repeated several times), the number of connections, the photographs of closer connections (in the image above darkened for privacy reasons).

Pay attention to this type of elements can not only increase the performance of the campaign, but also increase loyalty of its catchment area.

Stay tuned!