Lead Generation: Build Your Database

The first step for successful email marketing campaigns is to start with the construction of a good contact database.

While is important to work on customer loyalty, it is also very important to work on a strategy to generate leads and be able to plan targeted campaigns aimed at converting prospects.

Here are some tips to create a database tailored to your requirement:

1) Privacy

The addresses collection should be made in compliance with the privacy regulation. Only in this way we can be sure to have a list of aware and informed recipients.

2) The importance of Contents
We also have to listen our customers to know who they are, what topics they are interested and what is their vision of our brand. This will allow us to create effective and engaging content, meeting our customers real expectations.

3)  A concrete reason to trust us

Why should a user have to give us his personal information?
Because we have raised his confidence and interest, offering a concrete reason: an incentive or interesting service will easily convince users to fill out our form. Coupons, exclusive content, contest, loyalty programs, are important to support our contacts collection campaigns.

4) Subscription and Call to Actions
The subscription procedures should be quick and easy, without many fields to fill out.
It is appropriate to design a layout that highlights the call to action subscription of the newsletter to facilitate the registration of users interested in our services.

5 ) Using the potential of the Web and Social Media

Subscription to the newsletter must be plugged into any form on our website.
Create special landing pages is also helpful to enrich our database if you are planning a campaign with incentives or poll.
Finally, many social networks, like Facebook for example, enable a high level of showcase customization.
Why not take advantage of these channels to include a registration form?