How to involve users to increase their trust in our brand and the openings of our email marketing campaigns

How to involve users to increase their trust in our brand and the openings of our email marketing campaigns

The huge diffusion of social networks and the exponential growth of mobile navigation have changed the consumers buying habits, facilitating user involvement and identification in the brand.
The large amount of always available information and the easy way to contact brands can become a problem in terms of visibility and confidence, in the absence of careful planning of corporate communication.

Taking care of these dynamics is essential for planning the media strategy, which still sees email marketing one of the favorite channels to promote business and products.

How can we take advantage of every single newsletter to increase customer confidence in our brand and gain entry into their inbox?

Building a new experience
In the era of storytelling, the communication must not be targeted exclusively to the sale.
Users do not always need new products or services but new user experiences and knowledge. We use our newsletter to build a story that is renewed every submission, a trust relationship that is built not only through the new proposed products, personalized offers, coupon codes, but especially with the sharing of the world values ​​of our brand.
Our goal is to share with the consumers our vision, in which they can identify himself and share it with others.

Knowing the target and the context
The first step to achieve the trust of our consumers is to know them.
Who are they? What are their habits? Their preferences?
We should listen our users, answer their questions, ask to know their interests, in this way the can feel our presence.

While planning an email marketing campaign we should bring the same attention in the management of our lists: building a more personal relationship with our users is based on effective segmentation that allow us to send personalized messages only to customers that are really interested in our message, increasing their confidence in our brand and chances for opening our emails.

The right message, at the right time
Our members are a precious asset: we have to respect their commitments and the time they will dedicate to our brand with simple precautions:
– Use a responsive design for our newsletter, improving readability, usability, and the overall experience of the message;
–  Go straight to the point with a subject that defines the email content and immediately make interest in continuing the reading;
– The message should be explicit and understandable, accompanied by effective and relevant images which emphasize and facilitate the understanding of the text content and encourage sharing on social networks;
– As far as possible follow our consumers calendar by sending newsletters on time and in tune with the events of daily life.

The great attention to the consumer and the respect of his central role when planning an email marketing campaign allow us to create the conditions for building a relationship of trust in our brand, facilitating the opening of our posts and the interaction with our brand.

Have you tried these tips in your email marketing campaigns?
Which strategies do you find most functional to increase the messages reading?