Gmail Schemas: new life for email

In the last conference Google has been much talk of a new system of interaction between email, or rather Gmail Schemas, but what is it?

Gmail Schemas will be a new mechanism that will allow you to incorporate to emails important metadata in order to make our messages ‘smart’.

From the examples proposed we can mention the inclusion of a review to restaurants/pubs or the confirmation of a flight in a way that is’t only a simple link but can advise the user that it’s a specific content with which possible do certain actions.

This system integrates well too with the researches and Google Now.

Despite this management metatags, at the moment, only supported by Google, uses a standard format. This means that anyone can develop new types of metatags, and adapt them on other mail clients.

This project would bring great advantages in the world of E-Mail Marketing, so we have to wait for more updates.

Stay tuned!