Email marketing. How to correctly generate leads.

Email marketing. How to correctly generate leads.

The success of an email marketing campaign begins with the quality of our leads.

For this reason the acquisition of the email addresses must be done properly, with the explicit consent from the users.

How to correcty create a recipients list?
Building a clean and efficient list is much easier than you might think!
Here are some guidelines to follow.

How to Generate Leads
As required by the European Directive 2002/58/EC all the forms that require users to be registered to a mailing list must be opt-in.
Consent must be explicit, so pre-flagged fields are invalid: the free and informed consent is manifested only by ticking the box.
The double opt-in forms provide additional protection for us and for the members, who will receive a confirmation email which will have to answer to complete the subscription to our list.

What to avoid
•    Do not buy email lists from third parties, where it is impossible to know how the contact info were obtained
•    Avoid automatic enrollment of addresses that have filled out a form to request information without cecking mailing list subscription
•    Do not use public directories
•    Do not use email addresses collected by automated programs

And if our list is small?
Having a huge database of addresses is useless if emails are not read. Is better to use a small but perfectly profiled list for our target, which contains only addresses of users that are really interested in what we want to communicate.

The benefits
Collect addresses correctly, in full compliance with European regulations, protect us from legal problems (we can demostrate the consent manifestation from the member) and the risk that the our messages are marked as spam.