Email marketing: how to build your communication

Build your communication

After talking about Lead On generation and segmentation of the target then it is time to write your message.

Two main factors make the difference and affect the conversion rate of each individual message:

1. The subject
This is the item that influences in a decisive way whether or not a newsletter is opened.
Choose text that is interesting and able to intrigue and capture the recipient’s attention.
Try to focus on what you’re proposing and avoid terms such as “make money” or “earn cash” which, in addition to increasing the risk that your communication is classified as spam, repels the user.
Do not use impersonal forms, special characters and do not write it all in capital letters.

2. The newsletter itself
Having overcome the first hurdle, only a well-designed newsletter will persuade the recipient to examine the content in depth.
Favour layouts with simple graphics and keep a clean and straightforward style. It is important that the design looks professional and is easy to browse.
A layout with too many items is less easy to read.
Balance the information you want to communicate with the newsletter and the information you want to be assimilated at a later time after clicking a hyperlink.
Remember that your email needs a balance of graphics and text and that your message must always be coherent and fluent, grammatically correct and without typo errors.