Dinner with the speakers of the Be-Wizard and johnMu

As already mentioned in the last post I participated in the formative days of Rimini Be-Wizard with  satisfaction I noticed that the training is very appreciated those who work on the web.

during the event I had the opportunity to spend time with some interesting speakers known for some time and finally I get a dinner invitation to the speakers!

so last night I was at the table with colleagues and experts in web entrepreneurs among them one of the most famous came directly from Google, needless to say it was definitely a very interesting evening and training in understanding how certain logic to go ahead and Google in which direction. as you probably all know is one thing to hear a report with the slides and an account is to be at the table over a beer with one of the people that the company is better known to the world in the internet.

In addition to johnMu I also met other entrepreneurs with whom I am already considering a number of initiatives and partnerships for the growth of our email marketing software and the opening of several projects based on WebHat eCommerce

place a few pictures and thank you all for hospitality and interesting conversations

Needless to say that we will maintain contacts and talk about the secrets to WebHat Tip and Tricks of April 2013! for more info and registration www.keycode.us

a special thanks to Fabio, Alessandro, Marco and Francesco with which I am sure we will meet again soon!