Did you know that … you can customize the subject of your newsletter?

Our software of e-mail marketing has been a great success since its first release. It has been largely improved during the last three years mostly due to suggestions from our partners and final users.

The increasing of the number of users that make the most of WebHat Newsletter for their marketing campaigns allow us to get always new feedbacks on the platform functioning. It also gives us new ideas to build up the functionalities of the software.

It was thanks to the suggestion of one of our customers that six months ago we decided to make the newsletter subject customizable with the consignee details. You just need to add in the subject field the same variables usable in the body of the message. The final result is something like “Hi <#? NAME ?#>, have you ever tried WebHat Newsletter?”.

It seems only a trifle, but it’s very important to catch the consignee attention and appeal him/her to go on reading the message. In this way the open rate of your e-mail marketing campaign will definitely and significantly increase.