Did you know that… you can automatically handle bounces on WebHat Newsletter?

Returns management and analysis is one of the most appreciated features of our software of e-mail marketing. WebHat Newsletter automatically reports rejected e-mails and it allow to analyze statistics accurately. While analyzing statistics you can easily disable users (permanently or temporarily) as well as modify data.

Users ignore that WebHat can be set to suspend or delete records automatically. This functionality is pretty useful if you have many bounces. Sorting the lists of consignees deleting fake or inexistent e-mail addresses allow you to get more accurate statistics and it drastically reduces the possibility of being considered spammers.

The Newsletter configuration window is reachable from the menu Modules>Additional Modules>Newsletter>Parameters Management. Here you can personalize the module setting. In the picture here above you can see that at the bottom of the window there are two items related to automatic actions. You can choose whether permanently delete (useful for hard bounces) or temporarily suspend e-mails (suggested for temporary errors).