Dedicated to Partners: your customers can now try WebHat Newsletter!

WebHat Newsletter trial 30 days Dear Partners,
as you already know, your customers can now try WebHat Newsletter 30 days trial version by simply filling out a short form.

This new feature will surely help you since it will allow your customers and potential customers to test our software without obligation and for 30 days.
The only limitation of the demo version, which is activated immediately after filling out the form, is the creation of a single list containing a maximum of 500 recipients.
All the features of our email marketing software can then be used by giving everyone the opportunity to know the potential of WebHat Newsletter.

What will you respond when a customer asks you to try WebHat Newsletter?
Now you can communicate to your customers the link below. By filling the form will be immediately activated an instance of WebHat Newsletter Demo and access to that instance will be sent to the email address that the customer has indicated in the form.

Well, here’s the link that you have to give to your customer:

As you have seen, the last part of the link must contain the name of your company.
This will allow us to associate the new user who activated the demo version to the related partner, with full protection of all our commercial network.

Examples of URLs:

We suggest you to insert this link into your website or in a page dedicated to WebHat Newsletter Demo: give more visibility to the product and grow up the opportunity to acquire a new customer.

If you have questions and / or advice please contact us, we are at your disposal!