Coming soon page

subscribeHello everyone!
Today I will give you some guidelines for building an effective “coming soon” page.

What is the “coming soon” page?
It ‘s just a web page that announces the launch of your web project.

First, it is essential to choose the domain where it will load the “coming soon” page and then the complete site.

After this you can begin designing the launch page.

What elements should it contain?

1) The logo of the product / company.

2) Short description: this text should contain a concise explanation of the project you are about to launch and it must be intriguing in order to entice the user to come back.

3) Newsletter: include a short registration form to the newsletter is a great tool to collect data relating to your future users. The newsletter will allow you to continue to communicate with those who have visited your “coming soon” page. In return for the subscription to the newsletter you can give a free coupon or a discount.

4) Social media: I suggest you insert into the page the link to your social media related (but only if it is really active), is another good way to keep in touch with your hypothetical customers / users.

5) Contact: never hurts the presence of an area dedicated to the contacts that contain e-mail address, telephone number and / or location of the activity.

It ‘s all clear? Well, I leave you a link where you can take inspiration for the design of your “coming soon” page:

And how will you manage the newsletter?
Shhh! Do not tell anyone, in my opinion, you can find here the best software for e-mail marketing.

Stay tuned!