eCommerce websites: mistakes to avoid!

The use eCommerce websites: mistakes to avoid!of a good eCommerce platform is definitely the first step in turning an eCommerce website in a successful business.

However, sometimes this is not enough and it is only through the adoption of some small adjustments, seemingly obvious, that you can provide a good service to the users through a clear and intuitive site navigation.

But what are the most common mistakes that have many eCommerce websites?

Here are some examples:

  • The website does not have an immediate identification of the activity or of the placement of products on the market;
  • The menus are too small and navigation is disordered;
  • The titles of the categories are incomprehensible due to a technical language;
  • Absence of a prioritization of the information displayed on the product page;
  • Scarce use of “breadcrumbs”, the result is a disorientation of the user in navigation of the pages;
  • Photos cropped bad and blurry;
  • Product photos all the same, with no difference between a product and the other;
  • Buttons for adding to cart unclear;
  • Buttons are all the same;
  • Absence of insurance of the customer on product availability;
  • Purchasing process too articulated which requires a very high number of clicks with the risk to discourage the user.

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