E-commerce: online sales are increasing!

EcommerceHear! Hear!
Online purchases are increasing in our country!
It seems incredible in this period of standstill but Italians trust more and more to buy products online, so why miss this opportunity?

Online shoppers have increased by 55% in one year!
In addition, users who make purchases from smartphones and tablets have increased by 165%.

And what are the most purchased products?
At the first place we find the books, followed by clothing, computers and travel tickets. This demonstrates that in these cases the online purchase is a choice, in fact the buyers could buy the same product using the traditional channels.

Do you want to take this opportunity?
The Staff of WebHat has the right product for you: WebHat eCommerce.
WebHat eCommerce is the professional solution for on-line sales that allows you to manage an electronic commerce website easily and quickly. Enter items and customize your showcase. With just a few clicks you will be able to increase your products visibility and to define your sales strategy.

Would you like a tip for your sales strategy?
Change point of view! Never forget that every part of your e-commerce site should be thought putting yourself in the users’s shoes.
Always ask yourself what could be used, what might be afraid, what is the thing he likes more! We would buy more willingly a “tailor-made” rather than an “open to all”, right?
So focus your efforts to learn more about people to whom you are selling your products and change your service according to their needs.

You’ve already found professional tool to your online window, WebHat eCommerce … and now go to the conquest of your loyal buyers!

Stay tuned!