E-commerce: App or Mobile site

We all know that the mobile world is essential fot on-line stores too, so it is important to understand which strategy to use to increase the number of potential customers. The accessibility of smartphones should ensure the customer purchases much faster and without complications, and it is precisely what they’re looking for, so it would be a shame not to take advantage of this opportunity.

At first let’s see the main difference between an app and a optimized website :
Talking about Apps, it is certainly a best system that can integrate seamlessly with all features of our smartphones, so we can interact with the user even when they aren’t surfing on the browser. To be taken into account, however, that the investment for the App is certainly greater, because it would be ideal to create apps for every type of mobile operating system(OS Apple, Android, Windows Mobile, etc..).
With a mobile site things change, as it has the possibility of interaction only when the user is viewing our website with browser, however, unlike the app, the web page is accessible from any device and requires no additional installation.

When talking about an investment to online business is normal to think that optimizing your site for mobile is the first step and certainly can only bring more benefits. The creation of the App instead could be a next step or otherwise in any case to take into consideration.

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