Coupons are an investment to grow the business!

Coupons are an investment to grow the business!Groupon, Let’s Bonus, Groupalia and many others. The portals that allow you to give visibility to your products and services, in special offer, are numerous and well established.

But what are the mistakes that you can make when you approach this market?

  1. Refer to these portals as a direct source of income
  2. Consider the customers from Groupon & C. as customers of series B

Fall into first error is very simple. But unfortunately the policies adopted by these groups are very narrow and in most cases require an high percentage discount on products and  high commissions.

So why should a company sell products through Groupon?

Because this formula is not so much a source of income (in fact, very often spending is higher than income) but a way of investment for shops and companies that have the opportunity to introduce themselves and embrace a new target which, if satisfied, could be converted into a loyal customer base (and this is where there is the return).

I would like to emphasize the “if satisfied” because it is on this factor, determinant, that many companies tend to stumble once the products are sold: customers with coupons relegated to a corner of the restaurant , products with quality significantly lower than the standard, extra services without the knowledge of the customer.

Fall into this type of errors affect the investment made in two ways:

  1. The customer, dissatisfied, unlikely to come again in your local or purchase again your products / services;
  2. The same customer, most likely, will talk about the bad treatment to his friends

So beware: the coupons on these portals are an investment opportunity that generates income only if each dynamic is handled in the correct way!

And if you’re considering opening an e-commerce, choose a system that allows you to manage products on offer and generate discount coupons for your most loyal customers: WebHat eCommerce may be the solution for you :)