5 Rules for a successful eCommerce website

5-Rules-for-a-successful-eCommerce-websiteOnce you choose which eCommerce software you want to use (if you are still undecided I suggest you visit the website www.webhatecommerce.com), it remains to position your business on the web.

Last week I listed in this post the mistakes to avoid. Today I would rather refer you five rules to follow for a successful eCommerce website.

1) Choose the simplicity and avoid things that are too complex.

Of each product shows the most characteristic aspects without exaggerating the details, they may confuse the user. Use a plain language. A language too articulate requires more effort of understanding on the part of the reader.

2) On web your store is always open.

Do not exist times of opening or closing. Your online store has no geographical boundaries, so expect orders at any time of the day. Not only that, the diffusion of tablets and smartphones encourages people to buy at any time and in any place: at the bus stop, the doctor, and even the supermarket!

3) Make visible your online shop

Having a store, traditional or virtual, is not enough to entice the public to enter. You must give the right visibility by investing in promotion. The advantage of a web marketing campaign, compared to traditional advertising, is in many ways profiling your target and the ability to measure with certainty the results of the action taken. Do not forget it!

4) Keep monitored access to your site and keep users.

For an eCommerce website is essential to observe how users move around the website, by monitoring the statistics.

What is their navigation path? What are the most viewed products? From which geographical areas they come from?

All these data could be fundamental in order to respond better to the demands of your customers.

5) Accept criticism and encourages feedback.

Your customers will talk about you whether you like it or not. In this scenario the best solution is to try to convey the flow of criticism and suggestions in the direction of your company.

Considers every criticism received as a starting point for improving your products and services. Answer with the highest availability and understanding to every request. The customer is always right!

Stay tuned!