WebHat & WebHat Newsletter : the power of the service center!



“Very efficient!….many thanks and good evening!”

After the last proof of reliability expressed by our partners I want to underline for another time the power of the customer service center offered by Keycode’s staff, an added value which an open source’s software will never have.
Service Center means a Ticketing System where you can easily send your requests or suggestions that will be directly taken by Keycode staff

Service Center means Skype’s accounts to contact in real time the Keycode Staff to solve your problems

Service Center means a complete technical support for WebHat and WebHat Newsletter platforms

Service Center means free training courses directly in Keycode base

Service Center means brochures, manuals and also commercial support

Service Center means…all you nedd for your websites and your newsletters!! You don’t have to worry about nothing with Keycode support!