WebHat Updates: patch 7.0.33 is coming!!!

The last patch for WebHat and WebHat Newsletter platforms is coming!!!

Thanks to our customers suggestions we added the umpteenth improvments to our software, in the next few days we’ll release 7.0.33 patch!!

A lot of new options and corrections will be introduced with the patch, all automatically of course!

Our sofware never ends to grow up, is very remarkable if you think at the starting version..it was born more than ten years ago!

During this time we introduced a lot of modules and functions, version after version we arrived at this final patch and we are so curious waiting WebHat 8!

Remember that any update will be released automatically on each server and will be available immediately for everyone, with WebHat and WebHat Newsletter you don’t have to worry about nothing.

Of course all the updates will be described to the finest detail into the user’s manuals!

WebHat, a winning mentality for a product will never ends to amaze!!!