WebHat Newsletter: Introduction

WebHat NewsletterThis article is only a preface to what will be a real guide to WebHat Newsletter, a quick and simple tool to use to perform effectively in your email marketing campaigns.
WebHat Newsletter allows you to manage a virtually unlimited number of lists with an unlimited number of users through our form DataDyn. Also you can create your own templates for your newsletter so you do not have to repeat tedious creating the page, and if you do not have time to create a template WebHat Newsletter provides its users more than 250 predefined templates.
Another unique feature is the ability to use variables within the newsletter of the DataDyn in order to recover some of the list fields (eg Name, Last Name, ..), all naturally with a few clicks, this to make personal email and more efficient in the success of email marketing campaigns.
And in order to avoid Anti-Spam filters have a tool that will check the score for the newsletter and useful tips to reduce it.

WebHat Newsletter also provides a system to track the links are clicked by users who receive mail. Another great feature is that it allows you to monitor the trend of sending your newsletter, how? Simple, with the analysis tool you can check who has received the newsletter, those who read it, those who rejected it, but those who did not received it and why, also, if you checked the tracking link, you can analyze how many clicks were made ​​for everyone in your newsletter.
So WebHat Newsletter is truly a powerful, versatile and easy to use. In later chapters we shall see in detail all of its many features.