WebHat Newsletter: controlling the lists

After an unfortunate event happened last week we write this post to remember the importance of a well created list.

In fact, it is important the emails contained in the list are really existent, in order to prevent our emails from being tagged as spam. Above all, this allows greater effectiveness of our email marketing campaign.

To help users of WebHat Newsletter, KeyCode team provides a useful tool accessible from the “Wizard”, pressing “Analyze” button. This procedure will check the email addresses of the selected list by checking the syntactic validity or in addition to checking the existence of the mail service.

Of course you will have many more chances of success sending, if these lists, instead of being purchased, are populated via the entry form for inclusion on this list. Also please note that it is forbidden to use purchased lists from third parties where it is not demonstrably the subscription.

So yes it is important to prepare an email, in addition to not having the content tagged as spam, is effective from the point of view of the success of the campaign, but it is also important to have a list of existing users who are receptive to the offers made in the email marketing campaign.