WebHat eCommerce news never end!

WebHatAdded the ability to upload product descriptions arrive via CSV file for other important features of the eCommerce module WebHat!
What will I explain in this article is the management panel of Coupon!
You can then predict for our eCommerce sites the management of coupon codes, discounts, or of different types depending on the code entered!

For example, we can create coupons type 1 involving a percentage discount on the total truck or coupons that allow type 2 instead of a fixed discount.
In alternative can we expect to enter coupon discount shipping costs or those related to the type of payment .. we will obviously choose how to handle the discounts!

Each code can of course be used a predetermined number of times and we always just a click-date list of coupons used ..!
This and more in future updates WebHat eCommerce!