Webhat CMS and the sharing of contents in Social Networks

As you know well with WebHat CMS we can implement any kind of graphics template either simple or complex. For our Partners it is important to create code as they wish without limits and make it “dynamic” in short time.
In the 6th version of WebHat the newly released module “share this” allows the sharing of contents in social networks and promotes the new feature “expansion of the pages”.
Through this new feature you can expand the website page and add text, punchline and obviously as much code as you want!

What has the “expansion of the pages” got to do with Social Networks?

One of KeyCode’s partners is adding in pages of his site under construction some Tweets. A part from the visual editor, every page of the website has got a new field set to upload real-time data from Twitter (In this particular case the customer will upload twitters regarding last minute offers).

Here below the homepage screenshot of the site under construction