Recently a news states that the Smartphones passed the sales of PC in the last quarter of 2010: who reported that is IDC (International Data Corporation), that underlines how, for the first time of the commercialization of a “smart phones”, computer sales have declined dramatically. The incredible diffusion of Smartphones, tablet or, in generally, of mobile devices with an internet connection, requires everyone to pay attention when we create a website: for example nowadays is a necessity foresee template and style sheets suitable also for devices as iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, ecc. For this, our Content Management System, thanks to its flexibility, allow the creation of more graphic structure and also a personalization no limits: it is possible realize web sites visible also on the mobile devices, or special style sheets that upset the site and create a mobile version.  With some small shrewdness we can do the web browsing pleasant also on spartphones. Here on the side, you can see our CMS at work on our new beautiful web sites, displayed with Safari on iPhone.