Skype, two billion minutes a day!

Skype, two billion minutes a day!Skype, one of the VoIP and instant messaging services most used, celebrated a new milestone: yesterday users have used the service for more than 2 billion minutes.

To celebrate this important event, the software house has published on its official blog an infographic that – in an ironic way – offers a parallel between the time spent by users on Skype and the time needed to do things more or less improbable. For example a walk around the globe for about 845 times or watch more than 16 million movies.

Now you’re probably wondering how this news involves KeyCode.

As you may know, we base our philosophy on the belief that training and support are two key elements to the understanding of the potential of software, and therefore for the development of any business. That is why we include them in our services without placing some limit.

Skype has become over the years a great ally both for what concerns the demonstrations of our products both for the provision of a timely and efficient service.

We therefore believe that we have given our small contribution to the achievement of this result ;)

And to stay on topic, if you wish you can request a Skype demo of our services:

Here’s the infographic of Skype!

Stay tuned ;)

Skype, two billion minutes a day infographic