with Google+

Facebook and Twitter already have their service for sign-in in your website using your social networks informations, now even Google+ does.

As you all know your Google+ account was already integrated with Gmail and Youtube, using this brand new API the user can have only one account for every website.

Just like Facebook’s API, Google+ Sign-in gives users the possibility to operate directly withe social network and with their friends directly from an external website.

The first request coming from every developers was the possibility to share informations, may them be ecommerce products or news from a normal website.

Google+ Sign-in lets you do this!

You will have the chance to decide which friend circle may see which shared contents or even to hide it from everyone.

Now, as admin of our website, with Google+ Sign-in the sharing of your contents from a user will let their friends directly do some actions like “buy a product” or “listen to a song” via apposite buttons “buy” and “listen”.

Tecnology is evolving, don’t be left behind.

Stay tuned!