SEO, Mistakes to Avoid!

In the previous post we looked at what are the factors that affect SEO ranking in the search engines (see here) and we delved into a topic which we often hear about, the long tail (see here).

But what are the mistakes to avoid when it comes to SEO?

1) Buy inbound link

While it is true that the number and quality of inbound links to a website contribute to the positioning in the SERPs, on the other hand, it is equally true that buy these links is useless and sometimes even counterproductive.

Google itself does not recommend this practice within the guidelines for webmasters, and the risk of tripping over penalties is very high.

2) Duplicate content

One of the biggest problems you may encounter approaching the web, is the contents production. The error into which you stumble very easily is to copy – or revise only partially – lyrics taken from other blogs and websites, and incurring in penalties.

Our advice, therefore, is to draw up the content in original way taking inspiration from multiple sources. In this way it lowers the chances of being tempted from using titles, keywords and periods too similar.

3) Overdo with keywords

Use a large amount of keywords not facilitates the positioning on multiple arguments, but rather undermines your efforts making your site generic. The result will be that your website will not be positioned in the SERPs for no one of the keywords you choose!

Better to narrow it down by choosing a few keywords per page (or post if we are talking about a blog) and concentrate the contents on these.

And if you want to know how to optimize your website created with WebHat CMS at this link you’ll find some posts!