SEO Factors: what affects the positioning in search engines (part 1)

SEO factorsThere are many factors that affect the search engine rankings of a website or a web page.

A research conducted by SEOmoz – American company that specializes in providing software solutions for the SEO activities – on the occasion of an important event (the MozCon) which is held every two years, put evidence out a number of values ​​that we wish to report this post .

(The data is updated to the document released in 2011, but at the next MozCon of July 2013 will be released the new version)

Incoming links to the page (21%) and to the domain (21%)

The number, quality and authority of incoming links to a given page affects  the 21% of the total.

The authority of the links at the domain level, ie inbound links to the domain, affects for another 21%.

Keywords in Page (15%)

The use of the keywords at the page level affects of approximately 15%.

This factor includes the presence of the keyword..

–  Within the page metatags (title, description, keywords)

–  Within the text of the page (content is the king!)

–  Within the h1 tag

–  Inside the URL

–  Within the anchor-text

–  Within the ALT tag of the images and in the Title

–  Etc.


The use of keywords at domain level  (11%)

The presence of the keywords in the domain level influences the SEO for about 11%. The influence is also greater if the keywords are placed at the beginning of the domain.

These are just some of the main elements of influence .. we’ll talk about the others in a future post!

Here they are in preview:

• The metrics level social Page (7%)

• The metrics of the Brand at domain level (7%)

• Factors other than keyword-level page (7%)

• Data traffic / query-level page (6%)

• Factors other than keyword-level Domain (5%)


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Stay tuned!