Right images at the right time

In the world of the web there are a few main types of images that can be used and the most famous, which surely already know, are PNG, JPEG and GIF.

The first type of images that we are going to talk about are JPEGs. This type is famous for the great compression capabilities and with good chance you can achieve high image quality and light weight.

GIF images are lower quality than JPEG, but the weight difference is evident in the case of images with few colors and is therefore are suitable for simple images, icons or decorative images. They are also famous for their support of the animations that were very popular years ago.

PNG format is thought as an alternative to GIF, which stores a range of colors much higher and doesn’t lose quality with resave such as JPEG. However, it should be emphasized that this format if not used properly can take away a lot of space. PNG images are widely used in the web for the fact of being able to store the color transparency.

To follow the right path in creating your new E-Commerce Site, you should keep in mind these few tips:
-Do not use GIF images for large format much better instead to use it to the thumb (thumbnails) of your products.
-In most cases, JPEG will be the best choice. Good quality, low weight.
-The PNG format is best to use only the images in which you need to store the transparency.

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