Responsive? Why?

responsive_web_designLook at your website on your pc, done? Perfect.

Now go and see it in your tablet, does it look good? No? Try it on your smartphone…even worst?

That’s it, yout website isn’t responsive!

What does “responsive” mean?
Literally “reacting”.
Into web’s world the meaning is quite the same, a responsive website adapts his dimensions to the device where it’s being displayed.
Now that we know what it means to have a responsive website, let’s see why it should be responsive.

– Browsing a website with a 27” monitor it’s different from doing it on a 9” tablet or a 3 to 5” smartphone.

– If you’re using a mobilephone you’re wanting to waste as less MB as you can, if you’re at home you couldn’t care less, with a responsive website you can pick the right image for the user’s  device.

Contents can be inserted just one time and they are available at their best in every device

responsive-web-design- Improving contents  download speed on portable devices, user tend to have less time and less patience, waiting 20 seconds for a website to load is a waste of time. They are going to close your website and go to a competitor.
– Not every single content is essential, desktop’s users can browse your website for a couple of minutes, a smartphone’s user will get mad. He needs the information he’s looking for quickly. With a responsive website you can decide which contents show on which device.

Now you know why it’s better to have a responsive website, in our next post we will see how to make one.

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