Patch 9.0.0: WebHat Highlight

A few days ago we applied the new patch that accompanies WebHat to Highlight version. This release brings many improvements that will speed up your work and especially marks the preparation for the Geolocation.

Below is the changelog:

* Maximize editor function, which will enlarge the composition of Newlsetter and thus facilitating its creation.

Schermata 10-2456588 alle 10.09.10

* In the statistics you can export the CSV who has not read the message.

Schermata 10-2456588 alle 10.13.38
* Improved algorithm for the “check existence of the mail service,” and that statistically speaking gets to be on average 10 times faster (test carried out on lists with 300/500.000 contacts)
For example, a test on a list of 300,000 users before you even arrive to 27 hours of processing, now only 5 hours.

* Restyling general interface

* New editor for editing pages and news

* Bugfix for XLS / XLSX  imports and DataDyn

As always stay tuned with us and do not miss the latest news from Keycode.