Patch 8.5.3: diamonds are forever

check mailHi,

in these days our guys are working hard to test the WebHat new release.

Many innovations, some of which were announced during the meeting that was held on the 7th of the current month in the beautiful panorama of the Chervò Resort in Pozzolengo.

Below are the main innovations:

  • HTML generator: it allow you to generate the Form (list/entity) HTML code, so you can easily insert it into an external WebSite
  • Shared Blacklist: a single list that collects all the bounce of the WebHat Newsletter users. This list will be checked during the sending operation of the newsletter, so the emails will not be sent to those addresses that are already been rejected.
  • Newsletter Archive restyling: we have added one new column that indicate whether a filter was used or not
  • Renovated WebHat eCommerce statisticsecommerce stats
  • Extended API with a method that get the Archive of newsletters
  • Added two new send filters
  • BugFix and minor update

So these are the main innovations, but others are already in the roadmap.

Stay tuned!