Patch 8.0.04 coming soon!

The new patch for WebHat CMS is in test phase,

as always we don’t just fix some bug, we upgrade our system.

What we want to show you today are two new variables that you may find very usefull:



The two of them come from a problem found while sharing links on Facebook as it doesn’t want to share urls with more than one parameters!

To solve this we created this vars so you can use them in your DEM,

the first one lets you share any link without any problem, while the second lets you share your newsletter on the social networks!

WebHat is everyday more social friendly, now you can let your users share Ecommerce products or your Newsletter or even better… share the newsletter where you promote your products making the most out of your WebHat (Ecommerce + Newsletter) combo.

More news to come…

Stay tuned!