Optimize your website for Mobile

The development of the world of mobile devices continues to grow dramatically and it is clear that it becomes a priority to have a system easily accessible even for this technology. What we want to talk about today is the optimization of a website for a correct navigation and viewing by mobile devices.

First, it is essential to analyze how it should be organized our information architecture for a mobile device that definitely moves away from the classic view of a website designed for large screens. What makes this different vision is the ability to channel information and targeted on a device with a reduced field of view.

Although the majority of the smartphone is able to read any web page, optimize a site that doesn’t mean anything else “do it again”. This is because a classic page, made according to our usual standard, is hardly navigable on a small screen. So to give you an example of how to present the template for a mobile device I show you this picture:

It is evident that is how to navigate on 1/3 of the site. Very often redo the layout is not to rewrite the whole Html with the content, but only change the style sheet depending on the device used, or CSS. Surely in addition to the resolution also compute performance are limited so you may want to avoid javascript animations (slideshow, showreels, etc..) and all those strange effects that we like a lot.

So our mobile site focuses primarily on content. The navigation menu should be more visible, with easily clickable buttons.

So our aim is to make navigation easier and compact. If we need to build specific pages for mobile we consider that HTML5 comes in handy as it is readable from almost any browser for mobile devices. Besides, it makes the code lighter and more understandable for search engines.

An analysis prepared for the interface will ensure optimal viewing our users / customers who will find what they are looking more easily.

With products like WebHat CMS and WebHat E-commerce will help in the optimization without sacrificing ease of use.

Stay tuned.