HTML Generator

Hello everyone, today we want to introduce, in the most practical way, the new feature introduced in WebHat, the HTML generator for forms. With this generator is immediate to implement a form, which is connected to a list in WebHat, on an external site. So let’s see which are the steps:

First, let’s move to entities list , “Start -> DataDyn -> Entities list.” From there just select the list and go to ‘Fields -> Fields List’

Schermata 09-2456560 alle 09.21.14

In the Fields List, you will see a new button at the bottom ‘Generate HTML’.

Schermata 09-2456560 alle 09.21.34

Once you click on ‘Generate HTML’ A new window appears. At left is the configuration part of the form, such as choose which fields to generate and see the type of layout. On the right is the area reserved for the code, and set out our form at the bottom click ‘Update HTML’ you will see the HTML appear on the right. Now you can simply select, copy and paste it on your site.

Schermata 09-2456560 alle 09.22.39

Note that in the section ‘<! – CONFIGURATION SECTION ->’ you can type the link of the destination page after entering data or in the event of a failure (not fill in the required fields).

If you have any advice on this new tool, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Stay tuned!!