How to make productive your web images

E-commerce siteIf we talk about an E-Commerce Site definitely the key are your products and in most cases, the easiest way to show them to the public is to use the images. But beware that the image is not only a descriptive of what you sell, but also the most widespread element in the web world today. So it’s important to know how to exploit them to give more visibility not only for products but also to your business.

The first factor to take into consideration is definitely on the image name. As many of you know already, engine crawlers analyze in particular the names of the images, and between MDN1234.jpg and Range-Rover-Evoque-2013.jpg probably the second choice is more pleasant for everyone.

The alternative text (the alt attribute) is another important factor for images in the world of the Web, which moreover give a value definitely good for SEO. In fact, use this attribute gives you high chances to find your products in the research of potential customers. This is an example of use:
<img src=”nome-prodotto-scatola.jpg” alt=”Nome Prodotto Scatola” />

Another factor sure to keep in mind is the measure of our images. Talking about the world wide web and especially in the field of e-commerce  you don’t need to have big images, but even if there is this need, it’s best to separate them from the pages(another window or pop-up). One thing to know is that the weight of the images affects many factors, for example on Google’s search algorithms, so having large images just brings disadvantages in this case. But what is the ideal weight then? Obviously, the ideal weight does not exist but by calculating the average speed of the current web is better not exceed 60kb per image.

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