Have you already chosen the color of your business?

paletteThe choice of color is essential to creating a website and an e-mail marketing campaign.
Fortunately you can find online several tools that help you make the right decision!

  1. Kuler
    Adobe’s Kuler includes a large library of user-submitted color schemes. You can view the color schemes online or download them to be used in Adobe Creative Suite products.
  2. Pictaculous
    Pictaculous is a simple online tool for generating a color scheme. You can upload a photo and it will suggest colors to use with the photo. You can then download the Adobe swatch of the suggested colors.
  3. Colour Lovers
    Colour Lovers currently has almost 2 million color palettes created by its users. You can browse palettes by submission date, rating, views, and comments, or you can search by keyword.
  4. ColoRotate
    ColoRotate has a library of color schemes that you can browse, or you can create your own with their unique 3D tool. You can use it directly in Photoshop and Fireworks with the ColoRotate plugin.

We have already chosen the colors of our business! Do you want to know which colours are?
Well, today you will reveal only one and you can find it HERE!

What you think about? Write to communcation@keycode.it, for us it is always a pleasure to receive feedback from all our reader … helps us grow!

Stay tuned!