Grids are good

In a design project using the grids is crucial to the project because they provide significant advantages: clarity, efficiency, order and continuity.

Create a layout using the grid helps the user to find content because it is possible to predict where are located the various elements of a document.
For example, when I browse a book is natural to find in the same position the page number.
The grid then allows the orientation of the reader and increases the availability of information.

During the design of a grid is necessary to consider that, in addition to being esthetically pleasing, it must be functional.

The creation of the cage layout must also adapt to the type of project that we are making: design or web design?
In these two types of design what changes is the support. In traditional graphics the paper is our static support. In web design our support is variable: smartphone, browser, monitor.

We can not know where our information will be displayed and it is for this reason that the use of the grids is even more important in web design. It changes the type of approach.
In traditional graphics grids are established according to the measures while in web design based on the spaces.

Come on then, design your grid to communicate effectively!
WebHat CMS allows you to create any type of graphic design for your website thanks to its great flexibility!

Stay tuned!