Copywriting. How to Sell more!

Copywriting. How to Sell more!Let’s start with a premise: the resources that the reader is willing to concede are extremely limited.

At the access to a page, the user takes a few seconds to decide whether it is worth reading it. And even if the answer is affirmative, only 20% of the text is actually read.

Faced with this kind of data becomes understandable how it is important to dose the information and communicate it in a proper way so as to make clear the focus on the main concepts.

Here are some tips!

Less is better.
Probably you use your site to sell a product or a service. So do not lose much time describing the functions, perhaps mostly useless, but focused on concrete details. You’ll have a few seconds to convince the user that the product you’re presenting is appropriate for his needs.

Meets the needs of the customer through words.
If the user has come to your site, is because he has a necessity. Try to use consonants, vowels, words, sentences and paragraphs that awaken the “need” in the reader and help him to realize that he is in the right place to satisfy it.

What are the reasons to choose your product or service?
We are sure that at this question will arise in your mind at least 10 answers. But your customer does not “absorb” more than 3/5. Avoids causing it to perform unnecessary efforts and lists only the main reasons.

Call to action
We’ve talked about many times on this blog, so we will not dwell much. The call to action is the fundamental element that will push the user to a concrete action. Use a short and imperative phrase that invites the user to take some action.
Example: request a quote now, contact us now, request a catalog, etc..

It is nothing but the title of the page and the very first string of text that the reader will be faced. Exploit it to inform, intrigue and persuade.

Copy e SEO
Speaking of SEO opens up a world to talk about. We’ll just remind you that the lyrics of a website have a determining influence on the positioning of the same in the search engines. Therefore seeks to identify those keywords that users might use to search for your services / products and tries to recall them within the pages.


Well. Now that you have all the elements to structure the pages of your site – and the landing pages – in the right way, what do you say to adopt a software for e-mail marketing that will help you to give the right visibility for your business?