Call to action!

do you know what is the “call to action”?

It ‘s just an invitation to take some action.
The call to action are essential elements within the web interfaces since they bring the user to do something. Normally, using these buttons active, you try to direct the user to view a product, a contact form, a payment … is through the use of call to action that the user will arrive at the heart of what you are communicating.

Before you insert in your website or in your newsletter a call to action you need to consider:

– The text to insert should be persuasive but above all it must be an action (for example: “Click”, “View”, “Learn”, etc.), will intrigue and convince the user to click, remember not to raise too much expectations because the result may be a user disappointed;

– The position and the button graphic appeal: first, I recommend you do not put a lot of call to action within your page or in your newsletter as it might disperse the attention of the user. The button must be graphically different from the rest of the content in order to capture the attention and clearly recognizable as “active button”.

Are you ready?
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